Three Methods to Create Artificial Hearts With Robotics and 3D Printing

Published by , May 29, 2017 12:28 pm

(Futurism)  Scientists are now working on ways to create artificial hearts, including using robotics and 3D printing. Many scientists believe that the future of treatment for heart-related conditions is the artificial heart, which scientists are trying to develop in three main ways:
First, a robotic heart could be created, which would contain tiny rotary motors suspended magnetically so as to assuage the damage caused by friction.Second, this could be achieved by appropriating a heart. This process involves decellularizing (isolating the extracellular matrix by ridding the target of cells) a heart, modifying it to human specifications, and then encouraging human heart cells to grow around the skeleton heart.Third, an artificial heart could be created by using 3D printing. This process works almost identically as the one above, but uses a heart printed with amenable materials.

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