TEO is a Consumer Robot Capable of Ironing Clothes

Published by , June 26, 2017 12:38 pm

(TheMerkle)  TEO is a robot designed to iron clothes and was developed by academics at Carlos III University in Madrid. The robot itself looks like a regular human being in size, despite clearly being made of metal parts and motors. TEO is effectively the name of the algorithm powering the robot, and it provides the machine with 3D perception, as well as a fine sense of torque and force.
A flat item is where TEO’s head should be. It is a camera which gives the robot and its algorithm an idea of the object and allows for the creation of a 3D representation. As a result, the robot can effectively look at the shirt, handkerchief, or other clothing object put on the ironing board. Thanks to this camera, TEO can effectively determine where the wrinkles are and how to achieve an optimal ironing routine.

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