Taechyon Robotics Closes $1 Million Investment for Social Robot bo8

Published by , May 1, 2017 12:19 pm

(NewsWire)  Taechyon Robotics Corporation announced it has closed its seed round of $1 million by a strategic single principal investor, Shenzen O-film Tech Co Ltd. Taechyon Robotics’ flagship product b08 the Robot is a social robot designed for home entertainment, companionship, and utility functions. Taechyon’s key technology includes introducing interchangeable multiple interactive personalities in a single robot with conversational AI that is trained and customized via crowd-sourcing and gamification.
“What separates our technology from other social robot competitors is that we leverage existing consumer channels such as the iOS App Store, Google Play, Facebook and Steam VR to make a game out of training the AI,” said Steve Favis, CTO and Co-founder of Taechyon.

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