Stanford Researchers Make It Faster & Easier to Teach Basic Skills to Robots

Published by , October 29, 2018 1:23 pm

(ScienceDaily) A team of Stanford researchers in the Gates Computer Science Building is testing the RoboTurk framework that could make it faster and easier to teach robots basic skills. The RoboTurk framework allows people to direct the robot arms in real time with a smartphone and a browser by showing the robot how to carry out tasks like picking up objects. SURREAL speeds the learning process by running multiple experiences at once, essentially allowing the robots to learn from many experiences simultaneously.
“With RoboTurk and SURREAL, we can push the boundary of what robots can do by combining lots of data collected by humans and coupling that with large-scale reinforcement learning,” said Mandlekar, a member of the team that developed the frameworks.

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