Sony Revives & Updates Popular Robot Dog in ‘Cuter, More Dog-Like Version’

Published by , November 6, 2017 1:05 pm

(IEEESpectrum) Sony has revived its Aibo robot dog, using advanced mechatronics and AI to create a cuter, smarter, and more lifelike version. Whereas the original Aibo was robotic in appearance, the new aibo is far more dog-like and cuter.
The new “entertainment robot” goes by the same name as its predecessor, aibo, but its name is written in lower case. The robot itself is crammed with ultracompact 1- and 2-axis actuators specially designed by Sony. These actuators enable aibo’s body to move along a total of 22 axes. This makes for smoother, more natural movements—such as ear and tail wagging, as well as mouth, paw, and body motions—compared to the original Aibo.

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