Soft Robotics Designing Robot Arm to Pick and Pack Produce

Published by , July 18, 2016 2:25 am

(Forbes) Soft Robotics, a Cambridge-based robotics company, has designed a robotic arm that uses a gripper made of a soft material that mimics the way an octopus grips. Soft Robotics has been working with Bruce Taylor, the founder and CEO of Taylor Farm Taylor farms in a number of test beds to adapt the arms to different applications. The two companies will be rolling out several applications for the robotic arms at Taylor Farms’ plant in Salinas, CA, with full production about 4-5 years away.
Some of these applications – such as tomato packing – require Soft Robotics to reach out to some machine vision companies for help. Soft Robotics can handle the sanitation challenges, too. A produce packing plant is a very wet environment, because both the food and equipment need to be able to be washed down.

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