Self-Driving Tractors Will be Remotely Controlled and Monitored By Farmers

Published by , September 5, 2016 10:09 am

(NewAtlas) Tractor manufacturers are attempting to demonstrate how their self-driving concept tractors can deliver faster, more precise results than their human controlled counterparts. Farmers are able to control and monitor the NH Drive through the accompanying desktop and mobile software. There’s a path-plotting screen and four live camera views, as well as data about engine speed and fuel levels. The system is also able to autonomously seed, and farmers are able to monitor and tweak a huge range of parameters surrounding seeding.
The Case IH Concept, which drops the cabin to envision what the future of self-driving tractors might look like. Like the other autonomous NH Drive, this was designed to be remotely monitored and programmed. It also uses the same combination of sensors to detect obstacles and warn farmers, asking them to plot the ideal course around it without tearing up the field.

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