Russia ‘Caterpillar Robot’ Will Defuse Bombs and Scale Walls in Disaster and War Zones

Published by , October 31, 2016 2:24 am

(Mirror.Co.UK) The Russian army is developing and introducing ‘caterpillar’ robots to assist with disasters and for use in war zones. It will also be fitted with arms in order for it to collect samples of, for instance, contaminated soil, as well as being capable of defusing explosives. It boasts three pairs of flexible wheels that allow it to move the same way a caterpillar would.
The MRP-300, which is 2m long, can carry hundreds of kilos of rescue gear at speeds of up to 25km/h and is capable of climbing up 1.5m vertical walls. The robot’s unique tracks will allow it to traverse sand, deep snow and swamps.