Robots Will Lead in Ocean Exploration

Published by , November 20, 2017 12:16 pm

( Robots will be playing a key role in ocean exploration and here are four ways they’ll be doing it.
1) Artificial Intelligence: AI algorithms being developed should allow
robots to take in new information, such as ocean currents, and change its direction. Robots being able to take more efficient paths could save energy, allow for longer expeditions, and free up humans for other work.
2) Mining: The deep seas are a treasure trove of valuable metals and robots could be the key to accessing these treasures.
3) National Security: Protecting our waters and shores may soon fall in some part to robots.
4) The Environment: Sensors mounted on robots as small as surfboards will be able to monitor coastal waters, giving information on everything from pH and salinity levels in the water to the presence of sharks.

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