Robotics in the Enterprise: Everything Humans Need to Know

Published by , March 5, 2018 2:07 pm

(ZDNet)  The robotics field is once again transforming world economies. Robots are cropping up in offices, hospitals, and schools — decidedly non-industrial environments — as well as in warehouses, fulfillment centers, and small manufacturing centers. More and more, they are on our roads and flying overhead.
This comprehensive ZDNet article, written with the enterprise in mind, assesses the big questions and markets and context to make up your mind about others. It’ll also give you a handle on an industry that’s poised to drive $135.4 billion in spending by 2019, one whose relevance to commerce and day-to-day life in the coming decades cannot be overstated. Topics reviewed: 1) what is a robot?; 2) Why the recent, rapid advancement; 3) What about the jobs takeover fears?; 4) What kinds of robots advancing in enterprise today & future?; 5) Why a game changer now?; 6) Review of major markets: healthcare,

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