Robotics, AI and 3D Printing Will Close UK Productivity Gap

Published by , May 8, 2017 12:05 pm

(Guardian) Juergen Maier–the chief executive of Siemens UK, and the man hired by Theresa May to put Britain at the forefront of the next industrial revolution–believes new technologies including robotics, artificial intelligence and additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, can deliver greater productivity and create more highly paid jobs. Failing to crack the next revolution will come at a high price: falling living standards.
“The beauty of it is, if we get this right, it doesn’t just drive productivity, but it also means that you’re driving jobs up the value chain, which means that people are getting better paid, so ultimately you raise living standards,” the 53-year-old says from the factory floor of Materials Solutions, which is 85% owned by Siemens and boasts big-name clients such as Rolls-Royce. If you take it as an average, our living standards have hardly risen since the recession. The fundamental reasons are we’re not exporting enough, and we’re not driving productivity and output. Unless you’re driving productivity, you can’t raise wages.”

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