Robotic Pets Ease Anxiety & Bring Joy to Persons with Alzheimers & Dementia

Published by , February 19, 2018 1:53 pm

(TheAdvocate) Robotic animals can provide many positive outcomes for the person who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. It can provide endless hours of hugs and smiles, lull the person to sleep, create a distraction from an upsetting or harmful event or outburst, serve as an attention-getter, provide a tool for social interaction, regenerate warm, nurturing feelings of being a young child, and, perhaps most of all, make it possible for someone who is so totally dependent on others because of the disease to actually “care” for something else.
A faux pet can often ease anxiety and bring a sense of joy and well-being. Using a robotic animal is a good way to engage the affected individual as well as giving him or her a purposeful and rewarding activity. It can also be an effective way to decrease stress and agitation. A good resource for realistic robotic cats or dogs can be found at Hasbro’s Joy for All Companions at