Robotic Hand Attached to Brain of Paralyzed Man Enables Him to Move the Hand and Feel Again

Published by , September 21, 2015 11:30 am

(Star Mine News) — A prosthetic hand attached to the brain of a 28-year-old paralyzed man enabled him to feel again. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency scientists attached electrodes to the subject’s sensory cortex – an area of the brain responsible for tactile sensations. Simultaneously, electrodes were also placed on the brain’s motor cortex, which controls the body’s movements before attaching wires to the prosthetic hand developed by Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. Electrodes were run directly from the mechanical hand through the wires attached to the brain, and the subject was able to move hands almost naturally. Also, he could feel when something touched the mechanical hand due to the electrodes connected to the sensory cortex.

Researchers from DARPA said the subject sustained a spinal cord injury and has been paralyzed for more than a decade.

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