Robotic Glider Flies Like an Albatross & Cruises Like a Sailboat

Published by , May 21, 2018 11:05 am

(DigitalJournal) MIT scientists fhave developed a robotic glider which can skim along the water’s surface, ride the wind like an albatross, and surf the waves like a sailboat. The developers aim for the design to lead to a generation of compact, very-fast robotic water-skimmers.
The new robotic system draws on both nautical and biological designs although with capabilities that excel beyond the standard speeds for flight and sailing. The flight aspect models the albatross in flight. The craft is capable of covering a given distance using one-third as much wind as an albatross would need for flight; and it can travel some ten-times faster than the average sailboat. The robotic glider is of low density, weighing just 6 pounds.