Robotic Chefs May Whip Up Meals With the Tap of an App

Published by , September 14, 2015 11:50 am

(The Guardian) — Moley Robotics’s robo-chef moves its arms in a human-like gesture. Moley creator Mark Oleynik said that is deliberate because nobody would want an impersonal mechanical box whipping up dinner — people will be more accepting of a lifelike, albeit torso-less, android chef. With the tap of an app, the evening meal can be chosen and the timing set, allowing the robotic kitchen to have dinner ready at a set time. The commercial version is set to debut in 2018 for around $75,000, featuring an expanded repertoire of meals that owners can add to (although they, too, will have to motion-capture their movements). At the moment, human chefs need to prepare the ingredients, putting them in just the right place for the mechanical hands to grab. A built-in fridge and dishwasher that can be stacked by the robot are also on the menu.

Other companies are experimenting with cooking robots. IBM’s big-brained computer, Watson, is being harnessed by chefs to churn out new recipes. San Francisco, Calif.-based Momentum Machines has created a robot capable of making burgers, cooking them, and preparing toppings before popping the final product in a bag.

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