Rising Demand for Underwater Robots with Manipulator Arms

Published by , November 5, 2018 2:46 pm

(MaritimeJournal) There’s a rising demand for equipping remotely controlled and autonomous underwater vessels with manipulators. For example, the US Navy is looking into an alternative to putting ordnance disposal divers in danger, as a remote system could locate and deal with improvised explosive devices.
“You want something that’s only about the size of a human diver – which means you can get into a more cluttered environment,” RE2 Robotics CEO, Jorgen Pedersen told MJ. “And as you don’t have a tether to bring power from a surface ship, you need a system that will work within what’s available.” These twin requirements have resulted in an important switch from the more traditional, hydraulically operated actuators to an electromechanical system. “Hydraulic solutions are effective on larger devices, but you lose efficiency on smaller versions,” he said. And on an untethered AUV, efficiency is everything.

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