Researchers Developing ‘Smart Robotic Pants’ for People with Mobility Problems

Published by , October 24, 2016 9:42 am

(LimerickPost) University of Limerick researchers are working on a wearable-robotics project, aimed at improving movement for people with reduced mobility. Led by the Italian Institute of Technology, they are planning to build the first fully functional prototype of XoSoft ‘intelligent’ trousers by 2019. The soft, biometic exoskeleton would allow older people or people with disabilities to move their legs by detecting movement intention.
According to team leader Dr O’Sullivan, this technology could be life changing for older people and people with disabilities.“There are 3.2 million wheelchair users in Europe and another 40 million who cannot walk without an aid. People with limitation in independent movement of their legs can rely on a variety of assistive devices.

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