Recent Funding for Agricultural Robots Designed for Harvesting and Labor

Published by , May 8, 2017 12:05 pm

(Nanalyze)  About 40 percent of the rest of the world still lives an agrarian lifestyle, although only about one percent of the U.S. population works in agriculture. Agricultural robots will eventually work faster and cheaper than today’s labor. This article reviews several promising robotic systems including:
California-based Abundant Robots which recently received a $10 million investment led by GV (formerly Google Ventures). Abundant Robotics’ niche is developing robots capable of picking apples without bruising the fruit or inadvertently turning it into apple juice.
Harvest Automation has received $34.5 million. The company’s flagship product, R2D2 VX-100, is designed to work in a variety of manual labor positions but mostly seems to be employed in nurseries to move potted plants around.
French startup Naïo Technologies has developed a robot specially for weeding vineyards.The company has raised nearly $4 million.

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