Panasonic Displays Prototype Robotic Washer/Dryer that Folds Clothes

Published by , September 11, 2017 12:24 pm

(Independent)  Panasonic has demoed a robot washing machine called Sustainable Maintainer that will fold your clean clothes into a pile ready for storage. The huge device is a prototype that provides a glimpse into how advancing technology could improve the most mundane tasks.
A hamper drawer opens when pressed, and the items of clothing that need to be cleaned are tossed in.A camera scans the item’s label to check the manufacturer’s instructions for water temperature and any other details, and examines the garment for stains that need particular attention. The machine then washes and drys the item at optimal settings. Then the robot arms pick up and fold the freshly cleaned item before placing it on top of the pile of finished clothes.

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