Next Gen’s Furhat Robot Head Designed to Speak, Smile & Nod Like a Person

Published by , January 29, 2018 1:17 pm

(Forbes) Furhat is a robot head wearing a furry Klondike cap that sits on top of a small box. It’s at the head of Next Gen technology which is focused on creating experiences with machines that feel like talking to another person and it’s the biggest, most difficult and fascinating part of robotics. The face glows slightly against a white silica mask with features that speak, smile and nod with appropriate responses to the people playing cards.
Swedish developers Samer Al Moubayed, Gabriel Skantze, Jonas Beskow and Preben Wik started out at KTH, Stockholm’s oldest technology school and they have designed Furhat to communicate so that it feels like talking to a person. The human element is key for Next Gen’s Furhat.

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