New Fruit Picking Robot Able to Sort Irregular Fruit and Vegetables

Published by , October 19, 2015 11:50 am

(TheStack) — Design and development firm Cambridge Consultants is developing a robot that is able to pick and sort through irregular organic fruit and vegetables, and detect and remove weeds found among crops. Chris Roberts, head of industrial robotics at the research company, explained that the challenge is achieving automation when dealing with uncertainty. The innovation involves a blend of existing technologies as well as new signal processing techniques to produce a “radical” new system “poised to disrupt the industry.” The robot has to be equipped to deal with different object types and sizes, calculate picking orders, gauge grip requirements, lift and place items.

Confident of the new innovation’s potential, Roberts explained, “Our […] industrial sensing and control team has combined high-powered image-processing algorithms with low-cost sensors and commodity hardware to allow ‘soft’ control of robots when the task is not rigidly defined.”

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