Napa Valley Vintner Using Robots in Winemaking Process

Published by , September 18, 2016 9:01 pm

(SanFranciscoCBS)   Hall Wines in Napa Valley is using a robotic sorter. Winemaker Steve Leveque says he can craft the perfect grape by punching in specifications to the sorter. The machine then separates the rejects from the ones that will make your pinot noir. The $250,000 machine takes 10,000 frames per second, analyzes the fruit instantly, detects imperfections and spits them out. This process replaces what used to do by hand off a conveyor belt for hours.
Hall Wines believes this results in better, more high-quality wines. The family run mega-winery prides itself on being the most high-tech in the country. Leveque knows exactly where he’s going and what to look for in the vineyards. He’s in charge of some 500 acres of it across five estate properties, all thanks to an app that uses GPS and mapping.

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