MIT’s Robotic 3D Printer Could be Future of Construction Industry

Published by , May 8, 2017 12:04 pm

(WirelessDesignMag)  A research team at MIT has developed a robotic machine whose simple yet innovative design is a potential game changer in the looming collaboration between construction and robotics. Known as a digital construction platform (DCP), the machine weighs over 8100 pounds, cost about $250,000 to create, consists of a base that moves on caterpillar treads at a top speed of 0.5 meters per second, and has a long hydraulic robotic limb to perform tasks. Still in its proof-of-concept stages, this prototype has a maximal printable volume of 2786 cubic meters and recently printed one of the biggest robot-built structures in under 14 hours—an open-topped igloo construct that stood over 12 feet tall with a 50-foot diameter.
The DCP operates autonomously and runs on solar power. The robotic machine could be used to build homes and other structures in arid hostile environments like the desert, tundra, or interplanetary terrains on the Moon and Mars.

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