Michigan Has Highest Ratio of Robots to Workers in US

Published by , September 3, 2017 4:38 pm

(MichiganRadio)  The Metropolitan Policy Program at the Brookings Institution has has released a post entitled “Where Robots Are”. Analyst Mark Muro found Michigan leads the nation in the number of industrial robots per 1,000 workers. “I think it says Michigan is on the forefront of an important technological development in manufacturing, but maybe also on the forefront of emerging issues about the world of work,” Muro said. “Michigan has been on the forefront of this, maybe had [robots] first and early, but is really adding to the base.”
Muro says robots have allowed Michigan and its auto industry to keep from falling behind. “Robotics have made possible the continued competitiveness of U.S. auto,” Muro said.

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