McKinsey Report Forecasts 45% of Existing Jobs in Middle East Could Become Automated

Published by , February 12, 2018 2:38 pm

(NationalAE)  Jan Peter Moore, associate partner at management consultancy McKinsey & Company, has published a the report forecasting that an estimated 45 per cent of existing jobs in the Middle East could be automated today, affecting more than 20 million full-time employees and $366.6 billion of wage income. Moore explained, “For countries such as the UAE, Bahrain and Kuwait, the projected proportion of work, and by extension workers, displaced is higher than the projected global average [by 2030].”
Sectors intensive in routine tasks such as manufacturing, transportation and warehousing have a greater potential for automation using technology such as artificial intelligence (AI) than other sectors more dependent on human interaction and non-routine activities, such as healthcare, education, entertainment and recreation, the report added.

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