Mall of America Pilot Testing ‘Pepper’ as Extension of Guest-Services Team

Published by , February 26, 2018 1:55 pm

(StarTribune)  The Mall of America, one of the first shopping malls in the U.S. to try out the Pepper robots, began its pilot program over Black Friday weekend. Mall executives are interested to see whether Pepper can be another useful tool to help visitors find a specific store or restaurant in the gigantic mall, while also helping the mall think through and develop a voice strategy as it looks to tap into the power of Amazon Alexa and Google Home.
During Super Bowl week, a handful of sassy robots playfully posed for selfies, simulated throwing a football and quizzed Mall of America visitors on sports trivia.
“This is sort of like an extension of our guest-services team,” Sarah Townes, the mall’s vice president of marketing, said of Pepper. “We’re always looking at that guest experience and how we can reduce any challenges in helping maneuver around a large property like this. And there’s also just the fun factor of having them here.”