Magic Leap Working on Robots

Published by , May 30, 2016 2:37 am

(MITTechnologyReview) A brief mention in a lawsuit that Magic Leap recently filed against two former employees indicates the company is working on artificial intelligence for robotics. The suit alleges that the two employees started working on a new company while they were employed at Magic Leap that is based on confidential information and proprietary technology from Magic Leap.
Magic Leap has raised over a billion dollars thus far for its technology, which mixes sharp-looking digital imagery with the real world. Magic Leap spokeswoman Julia Gaynor had no comment on what the company may be doing in the AI robotics space. The company has said it’s creating a new optical chip that relies on silicon photonics in order to make its augmented-reality images work, so the idea that it’s also poking around in robotics, or at least robotics-related AI, would fit in with its efforts to explore a range of technologies.

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