Litter Robot Cleans Cat Box

Published by , January 15, 2018 2:40 pm

(CNET) The Litter Robot Open Air III cleans the cat box for owners. The robot, that looks like a spaceship, has a sensor detects when the cat is inside the box and when it is safe to clean. A Wi-Fi connection sends reports to your phone via an app on how full the drawer is and when your cat uses the box. The Litter Robot can even notify you when the waste drawer needs to be emptied.
Here’s how it works. Your cat does his or her “business” in the domed chamber of the Litter Robot. After the cats exits, a timer starts giving the litter time to clump. When the timer is done, the white sphere slowly starts to rotate and sift the litter. The unwanted waste drops into a plastic bag-lined drawer below. When the drawer is full, you simply dispose of the plastic bag.