Labor Shortages Cause Factories to Switch from Manual to Robotic Cartoning

Published by , July 30, 2018 1:38 pm

(PackagingWorld) The Evolution of Automation, an 2017 industry research report indicated that a lack of skilled labor/labor shortages was positioned at the top of the list of drivers for plant floor automation in the packaging industry. This was certainly the case for White Castle Distributing LLC, which in 2016 switched from manual to robotic cartoning of its flow-wrapped burgers at two of its production facilities. Says Project Manager Brad Rife, “The labor pool seems to be getting smaller and smaller by the day, and it was that way back in 2016 as well.”
After having used the system for more than a year and a half, White Castle representatives are pleased with the performance of the robotic cartoner and its VGR capabilities. “It’s getting to the point with delta robots and vision systems where the capabilities are rapidly advancing to the point where it’s a pretty safe bet that you’re going to get a nice, operable system if you buy one—particularly if you’re working with a reputable vendor.”

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