Tokyo Roboticist Professor Ready to Debut Humanoid Smartphone Robot

Published by , August 31, 2015 11:30 am

( — Tokyo roboticist professor Tomotaka Takahashi wants to be “the Steve Jobs of robotics” by moving away from technical specs and emphasizing design and pure bot charisma. His vision is to make robots cute, tiny, and communicative via the Internet. Takahashi is ready to debut a pocket-sized smart robot with all the features of Siri, designed to look, act, and feel like it’s the user’s close friend. Takahashi’s upcoming robot aims to be a functioning humanoid smartphone that could replace your Galaxy. It will be a lot more than an automated secretary. He wants it to be a mechanical friend who slurps up information that helps you in everything — from purchasing decisions to befriending coworkers.

Takahashi believes friendly bots that can co-exist peacefully with humans are the key to making personal robots the next consumer electronics revolution. That’s a larger, longstanding trend in the Japanese robotics industry. That’s opposed to the United States, where one major obstacle blocking mass adoption of personal robots is the pervasive cultural image of killer machines bent on taking over the human race.

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