Japanese Company Builds Robotic Exoskeleton to Assist Aging Workers on the Job

Published by , August 8, 2016 3:53 am

(AlJazeera)  Japan’s population is shrinking and ageing population. To compensate, a Japanese hauling company which employs many elderly people has invested in an robotics exoskeleton to take the strain off its staff. The exoskeleton helps employees to carry out their jobs, which include constantly loading, unloading, carrying and bending.
“We will have a shortage of work force in the future and robotics could help us,” Yasuhiko Saito, said a Nihon University professor specialised in demography and gerontology. “I think the migration policy won’t help to replace the shortage of the labour force. So robotics may be the one way to accommodate that shortage.” Exoskeletons are not a new invention but Tatsumi Shoaki may be the first company prioritising older people as principal users.

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