Japan Using Robots for Elders’ Health Care

Published by , August 1, 2016 12:55 am

(CCTV-America) Japan is facing staffing shortages for elder are due to low wages and the physical strains of health care jobs generally. Japan’s fast-aging society is causing a number of problems. Shortage of nurses and care workers has been a problem for decades. Due to the shortage, people are forced to leave their jobs to take care of family members. The stress and fatigue taking care of the elderly causes, is one of the biggest social problems in Japan.
Japan is looking into robotics for help.One difficult task of an elderly caretaker can be lifting patients from bed to a wheelchair. But robotics may have a solution. Power assisting suits are already being used in airports and elderly homes.
There are also integrated care beds, which turn into wheelchairs, eliminating the burden of lifting individuals from one to the other. It might not be long until we see robots taking active roles in hospitals, distributing food and medications.

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