Iron Ox Envisions Fully Autonomous Farm for Its Leafy Greens

Published by , October 8, 2018 12:52 pm

(TechnologyReview) Iron Ox is opening its first production facility–an 8,000 square indoor hydroponic facility in San Carlos, near San Francisco and will be producing leafy greens at a rate of roughly 26,000 heads a year. The opening is the next big step toward fulfilling the company’s grand vision: a fully autonomous farm where software and robotics fill the place of human agricultural workers, which are currently in short supply.
The farm’s non-lettuce-consuming staff consists of a series of robotic arms and movers. The arms individually pluck the plants from their hydroponic trays and transfer them to new trays as they increase in size, maximizing their health and output—a luxury most outdoor farms don’t have. Big white mechanical movers carry the 800-pound water-filled trays around the facility.

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