Intelligent Robotic Suitcase ‘Olive’ from Ikap Robotics Can Follow Owner

Published by , July 11, 2016 1:14 am

(GizMag) Olive is Ikap Robotics has created an intelligent suitcase that is Segway-like, with self-balancing auto-locomotion system that maintains stability while riding on two wheels by using 3D accelerometers and gyroscopes. With an in-built stereoscopic camera, it can build up a visual map of its surroundings and follow its owner using skeleton tracker algorithms that is claimed to allow Olive to distinguish individuals even in crowded environments.
Olive can provide reminders, tell its owner to hurry if time is short, and has a built-in scale to warn about excess weight. Ikap, Olive connects with its owner’s smartphone or other devices using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth via an app that allows for full control. The app can locate the bag wherever it is using GPS and 3G/4G technology, and it has an automatic lock/unlock mechanism in case it’s left unattended as well as provide alarms if it’s disturbed. The lock also works with NFC technology, so keys are redundant.

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