Insight Robotics Receives Funding to Develop Data Technology for Risk Management of Forestry & Agriculture

Published by , May 14, 2018 1:22 pm

(EnterpriseInnovation) Insight Robotics has received a $9 Million investment from Hong Kong venture capital fund Beyond Ventures and Linear Capital of Shanghai to facilitate risk management of the world’s assets by generating and making sense of data. Linear Capital VP Can Zheng said: “The Insight Robotics team has long been focused on large-scale aerial survey data processing and has accumulated in-depth hardware and software technology know-how. The application of big data technology to forestry and agriculture is still in its infancy, but the market potential is huge.”
The new investment will benefit forestry in national parks and other natural resources all over the world. Insight Robotics optimizes management of forestry, agricultural land and oil palm plantations. It provides intelligence based on multispectral and spatial data from aerial and terrestrial sensors to facilitate early detection of man-made and natural threats to forestry.