How to Convince Baby Boomers that Robotic Elder-Care Is Positive

Published by , March 27, 2016 1:53 pm

(Inverse) Roboticist Rodney Brooks, Chairman of Rethink Robotics and the former director of the MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab says that anyone seeking a”financial hit” should get into elder-care robots. That industry, Brooks said with confidence, is about to take off. Someone is going to have to look after all the Baby Boomers. Within the next 30 years it’s estimated that 75 million Baby Boomers will reach the retirement — millions of people who will eventually need to be taken care of as their health inevitably becomes more delicate.
Getting seniors to understand the functionality of robots is the key to getting seniors to view robots positively.
A number of studies from the Human Factors and Aging Laboratory have found that older users are more likely to accept and adopt robots when they are helping with household chores and manual labor. Even if the elderly subjects don’t have a lot of experience with robots, they can’t and won’t deny help from automata when it is offered.

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