Hong Kong Artificial Intelligence Pioneer Talks About Robots and Technological Singularity

Published by , October 12, 2015 11:30 am

(South China Morning Post) — In a wide-ranging interview with Hong Kong artificial intelligence pioneer Ben Goertze, he had this to say about The Age of Robots: “The ultimate aim of AI research is the technological singularity — the point at which technology overtakes the human mind. AGI will eventually create autonomous machines. The machines will invent new machines, prototype them, and build the factories without involving humans. At this point the technological advance will become blindingly fast — the speed of development will approach infinity from the human point of view, and we won’t even be able to understand it.”

Goertze also discussed the positive and negative: “The best possible outcomes are utopic and amazing. The worst possible outcomes are extremely dark. All new technologies come with potential risks and rewards. Since the beginning of humanity, we have pushed forwards regardless.”

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