Honey Robotics Building Space Gun for NASA to Shoot at Asteroids for Tests

Published by , September 21, 2015 11:10 am

(Tech Times) — Honey Robotics is working with NASA on a gun that will essentially shoot asteroids to test their strength and composition. The gun is part of the Asteroid Redirect Mission, or ARM, which aims to bring a massive chip of an asteroid into the moon’s orbit so that we can send a manned mission to the boulder and test it in preparation for sending people to Mars.

Before the team decides on an asteroid to be the subject of retrieval, scientists need to determine that it has a certain level of strength and will be able to hold up in the retrieval process. That’s where the gun comes into play. Scientists can fire a projectile at the asteroid, which will determine its rebound speed, with which scientists can figure out just how strong and solid the rock is. Another option for determining whether a boulder is strong enough is by firing a projectile that will only explode when it meets certain requirements. The projectile looks very similar to a paintball.

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