HEXA Robot from China Modeled After Hexapod Insects

Published by , August 20, 2017 9:35 pm

(TechMalak)  China-based consumer robotics start-up Vincross has introduced a robot to the world that looks a lot like a spider. Dubbed HEXA, the new Vincross invention is a small, six-legged bot with a height of roughly 12-cm (4.72-in) and diameter of 50.8-cm (20-in) It can easily fit in even the smallest of backpacks.
HEXA is modeled after hexapod insects or insects with six legs. Just like its DNA-based counterparts, HEXA’s legs allow it the freedom to travel almost anywhere irrespective of the terrain. Even the speed is more or less at par with that of an average insect of its size.

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