Hasbro’s New Robotic Cats Targeted to Senior Market

Published by , November 23, 2015 11:30 am

(TechInsider) — Hasbro’s new Joy For All line of robotic cats are the the first in Hasbro’s Companion Pets line. Hasbro sells the furry companions in three varieties — Orange Tabby Cat, Silver Cat with White Mitts, and Creamy White Cat. Each costs $99.99. The mechanical cats join an ever-growing number of robots designed to make aging more pleasant.

Hasbro’s robotic cats are highly lifelike; if you touch the cat’s face with the back of your hand, it’ll nuzzle into you. If you rub its belly, it’ll flop over and invite you to keep going. Pet the back of its head, and it’ll purr. Leave it be for a few minutes, and the cat will gently close its eyes for a snooze.

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