Harvard Roboticists Develop Inflatable Robotic Glove for Rehabilitation

Published by , October 29, 2018 1:22 pm

(Inverse.com) A team of Harvard roboticists have developed an inflatable, robotic glove to give patients with spinal cord injuries control of their arms. Strokes or spinal cord injuries can badly damage the communication channels between the nervous system and muscles.
The design of mechanical limbs and components that can bend, stretch and wiggle similar to skin is known as soft robotics. Lead designer, Conor Walsh, and his colleagues are perfecting an exoskeleton-like gauntlet designed for temporary upper-body rehabilitation or long-term function assistance. The glove is made up of layered, stretchy textiles covering a less-malleable balloon sack in the shape of a hand. The goal is to ensure that prolonged use doesn’t strain users.

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