‘Ghost Minitaur’ a Dog-Like, Gearless Robot

Published by , September 26, 2016 2:13 am

(ZDNet) A dog-like robot that runs, climbs, leaps, and even uses its legs to open doors has been unveiled by Ghost Robotics, a new R&D firm founded by University of Pennsylvania PhD candidates. Other research groups have already created similar adorable and functional robots, this one is different because it is completely gearless. Named the Ghost Minitaur, the creators say it can be used for search and rescue missions or as a platform for testing sensors for autonomous vehicles.
The gearless design helps minimize the equipment that stands between the robot and its environment, thus making the legs more sensitive and reactive. Jiren Parikh, CEO of Ghost Robotics, “The legs have enough power to jump and do flips, but can also sense contact with an egg without breaking it. If it had gears, it would be much slower and tasks like this would be problematic.”

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