Geminoid F is the World’s First Android Actress

Published by , November 2, 2015 11:20 am

(Telegraph) — Geminoid F is an android, a robot designed to look and act like a human being, although she cannot walk. Geminoid F is nothing but a metal skeleton, pneumatic actuators (far more responsive than motors), silicone, and urethane.  She is the first of her kind to co-star in a film. Before Geminoid F, almost all life-like movie androids have been played by flesh-and-blood actors in costumes. Others, such as Sonny from the Will Smith blockbuster “I, Robot,” are digital creations that were brought to life with motion capture technology.

At this year’s Tokyo International Film Festival, Geminoid F made an appearance on the red carpet for the world premiere of her first feature. She was in a wheelchair because she can’t walk independently. The film, a science-fiction drama called Sayonara, is written and directed by Koji Fukada and follows the relationship between two friends in the aftermath of a nuclear disaster.

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