Four-Armed Robot Improvises Music

Published by , May 22, 2016 9:36 pm

(  Gil Weinberg, the lead researcher at Georgia Tech’s Center for Music Technology, and his lab team have been working 12 years to augment the creative capabilities of humans with robotics. They have developed robots such as  one named Shimon, which uses machine-learning programs trained on music theory and a wide range of musical styles, from chamber music to dubstep, to be able to add a superhuman element to musical performances, playing chord structures that would be physically impossible for humans to hit.
Weinberg and team have also developed robotic enhancements for humans. Jason Barnes, a drummer who lost the lower part of his right arm a few years ago wanted a robotic prosthesis that would recreate the functionality of drumming. But Weinberg worked on doing him one better, creating a robot arm with two drumsticks that he could control with the muscles in his bicep that could drum at up to 20 beats per second.

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