Eye-Tracking Robot Lets People Paint Using Just Their Eyes

Published by , October 5, 2015 11:30 am

(ScienceAlert) — A machine developed by researchers in the United Kingdom lets people paint using just their eyes. It works using new eye-tracking technology that interprets blinks and stares and can turn them into movements of a paintbrush or the action of choosing between colors. “Augmentation of the human body with an extra pair of limbs is technically feasible in terms of the robotics end of things, so we can mechanically attach these types of limbs,” said one member of the team, Aldo Faisal from Imperial College London, one of the largest robotics networks in Europe (it accounts for 21 research groups).

The technology is still in its early stages, and you can’t yet create something worthy of Picasso or Rembrandt, but there’s a lot of potential here — users can simply look at the part of the canvas they want the brush to move to, while a series of blinks indicates that they want to change the color or clean the brush. Straight lines are created by staring at one point on the canvas and then staring somewhere else.

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