Exhibition a Valuable Component of Upcoming RoboUniverse Conference and Expo in Seoul June 28-30

Published by , June 19, 2017 12:26 pm

(RoboUniverseSeoul2017) The 2017 RoboUniverse Conference and Expo in Seoul will provide attendees with a robust and expansive lineup of key players in robotics, drones and AI June 28-30.  Manufacturers span both service and industrial robotics models with an international lineup for review. Multiple industries ranging from aerospace to agriculture to pet-care are represented. Frontier tech exhibitors from the companion arenas of virtual reality and 3D printing are also in the exhibit hall.
An exhibition is a major and valued component of a modern trade show for attendees and RoboUniverse’s exhibit hall stands alongside an equally impressive lineup of speakers and keynotes assembled by Dr. Ping Wang, Conference Program Chair.
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