Embodied Intelligence Startup Receives $7 Million to Help Robots Learn Via Virtual Reality

Published by , November 13, 2017 12:24 pm

(SpectrumIEEE)  Pieter Abbeel at UC Berkeley has been developing ways of teaching robots new skills, rather than actions, and how to learn, rather than just how to obey. This week, Abbeel and several of his colleagues from UC Berkeley and OpenAI are announcing a new startup (with US $7 million in seed funding) called Embodied Intelligence, which will “enable industrial robot arms to perceive and act like humans instead of just strictly following pre-programmed trajectories.”
Embodied is taking a new approach based on virtual reality that will help robots learn how to act like humans and handle a much wider ranges of tasks, “What’s really interesting is that we’ve hit a point where virtual reality has become a commodity,” Abbeel says. “What that means is actually you can teach robots things in VR, such that the robot experiences everything the way that it will experience it when doing the job itself. That’s a big change in terms of the quality of data that you can get.”

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