Clinical Research Studies for AI-Controlled ZenCrate that Reduces Anxiety in Dogs

Published by , May 8, 2017 12:05 pm

(Benzinga) ZenCrate, the world’s first motion-activated, intelligent pet crate specifically designed to reduce anxiety in dogs, is proud to announce a partnership with Doctor Lisa Radosta of Florida Veterinary Behavior Services to begin a series of clinical research studies that aim to determine the effect of ZenCrate’s anxiety-reducing abilities when it comes to noise and storm phobia in dogs.
The clinical study is expected to confirm the efficacy of the product which is known to provide a safe place for dogs during anxiety attacks. The ZenCrate uses scientifically-proven strategies including sound therapy and vibration-dampening technology to reduce the anxiety. The stress relieving features also include an orthopedic memory foam bed, motion-activated music with a curated anti-anxiety playlist, sound insulation to reduce anxiety, motion-activated fan for improved ventilation and WiFi enabled to view your pet from smartphones.

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