Chinese Robotics Manufacturer Unveils Three Anti-Terror Robots

Published by , November 30, 2015 11:10 am

(HNGN) — Robotics manufacturer HIT Robot GroupChec has unveiled three anti-terror toy-sized robots to provide China with efficient lines of defense in the fight against extremist forces. The trio of machines is designed to coordinate with each other, with each model playing an important part in the fight against a perceived threat. The three robots are being sold as a set for $235,000.

The first robot is designed to be used for initial reconnaissance missions. With the ability to detect poisonous gases, harmful chemicals and explosives, the machines will be able to give soldiers pertinent data about any location where it is deployed. If the reconnaissance robot does detect a threat, such as a bomb, for example, another robot will be brought in to tackle the situation. A third armed attacker robot is armed with minor-caliber weapons, recoil-less rifles, and grenade launchers. It is also equipped with a sighting telescope, a trigger, and a safe.

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