British TV Producer Seeking Families to Live with Robots at Home for Televised Scientific Study

Published by , June 12, 2017 12:46 pm

(CoventryTelegraph)  A pioneering scientific study will use cutting edge robots for a new documentary series on the BBC. Families will have their very own robot for two to three weeks to see how much it can improve their lives. “The ground-breaking study will explore just how effective the latest robots are, the extent to which they could transform our domestic lives, and just how ready we are to welcome them in.”
Olivia Witt, from the production company RDF television, said: “For the series we have partnered with leading robotics labs and we will be putting specialised robots into people’s homes for the very first time to help with day to day struggles. Interested families can contact Olivia on 0207 013 4322 or email

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